Changing It Up – Your feedback Requested

SAP here…

So, Sundance was great fun and a wonderful experience, especially for Ponce. Not only did he get to meet some actors and celebrities, he got recognized A LOT, and not just for Retarded Policeman. A favorite moment was when he was recognized by Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds) for Wunderkammer. He stopped Ponce to tell him how great his performance was and how much he loved the film. It made Ponce’s day and also ignited a fuse… the fuse of blowing up 2009 all over this muthafoko!

We’ve gone through the ol’ youtube channel and cleaned it out. If you can’t find videos of ours you really like, fret not, we shall have a private page for the real fans, the you fans, that come here for more of us.  It won’t be up for a bit, but we will have a nice little members only area… a FREE members only area.

Also, we would love to hear from YOU more. Please comment here for now and tell us if there are any videos you miss, things you’d like to see, ideas for a members only site and anything else that’s hemming and hawing around in your craw.

Ponce here…

Gonna shoot more days on the VH1 show with Lance Krall. Maybe make a little mini-movie out of it on youtube or maybe private. Hope you guys like our stuff and hopefully we will get our own show going soon.  And please leave us some feedback.

Rock On – Ponce


Ponceman On VH1 Y’all!

Free Radio on VH1
Lance and Ponce

Ponce here…

Just did a guest star role on Free Radio. It’s a hilarious show on VH1 and it stars with Lance Krall and he is really funny. I play the new intern at the station and it’s gonna rock ass. The episode is called “Barry” and that is my character I play. If you want to laugh your ass off go to youtube and search for Lance Krall. He has lots of stuff from his other TV shows on there like funny prank calls and sketch comedy stuff that I almost shit myself it was so funny. I don’t know when it’s gonna air yet but check back here and I will put it up when I know. Here’s a pic of me on the monitor. I get to talk about boobies too and I love it.

Ponce on Monitor

Ponce on Monitor

Rock on



The Brothers Perry

The Brothers Perry

SAP here…

A lot of people ask me, “Hey, Scott, is your brother (Ponce) really retarded?”

To them I say, “Hey, person asking me the question, is your ass really growing out of your neck?”

Fact is, I don’t speak for the Ponceman, he speaks for himself. Whether or not you need some special RETARD filter to understand him is your bear, so go wrestle it.

Bottom line is, I love the guy and he loves me. There’s a bond between brothers that no non-brother could ever understand. And you don’t need to understand it. I don’t understand sister bonding and I’m not losing any sleep over it. (bonding aside, I have done some extensive fantasizing about sisters… the Chealsea twins that use to live up the street from us always made for good stroke bank withdrawals.)

If Ponceman bleeds, I am there to bandage him. If Ponceman cries, I am there to comfort him.  If Ponceman farts, I am no where within 100 yards of his ass… you can actually taste the air. It’s truly disgusting, but great for getting a booth in a crowded bar.

We’re brothers. We got each other’s back.


PONCE here…

I just want to say, yes I’m retarded but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid. People who think I’m stupid are stupid.

What can I say about my bro… he’s a cool guy, he makes me laugh, he’s got my back… WHEW, that fart stinks. Sorry, I just farted. My bro is running away. I do have killer farts. Sometimes they just explode out of my ass. Really stinky.

Back to my bro, he’s my bitch. He wrote me a good song when I was little that I like to hear. It’s about me. Joshua, I miss you, Joshua, I miss you. It’s really sweet. Like my bro. I also drive him crazy sometimes but it’s okay ‘cause we’re brothers!

Rock on