The Brothers Perry

The Brothers Perry

SAP here…

A lot of people ask me, “Hey, Scott, is your brother (Ponce) really retarded?”

To them I say, “Hey, person asking me the question, is your ass really growing out of your neck?”

Fact is, I don’t speak for the Ponceman, he speaks for himself. Whether or not you need some special RETARD filter to understand him is your bear, so go wrestle it.

Bottom line is, I love the guy and he loves me. There’s a bond between brothers that no non-brother could ever understand. And you don’t need to understand it. I don’t understand sister bonding and I’m not losing any sleep over it. (bonding aside, I have done some extensive fantasizing about sisters… the Chealsea twins that use to live up the street from us always made for good stroke bank withdrawals.)

If Ponceman bleeds, I am there to bandage him. If Ponceman cries, I am there to comfort him.  If Ponceman farts, I am no where within 100 yards of his ass… you can actually taste the air. It’s truly disgusting, but great for getting a booth in a crowded bar.

We’re brothers. We got each other’s back.


PONCE here…

I just want to say, yes I’m retarded but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid. People who think I’m stupid are stupid.

What can I say about my bro… he’s a cool guy, he makes me laugh, he’s got my back… WHEW, that fart stinks. Sorry, I just farted. My bro is running away. I do have killer farts. Sometimes they just explode out of my ass. Really stinky.

Back to my bro, he’s my bitch. He wrote me a good song when I was little that I like to hear. It’s about me. Joshua, I miss you, Joshua, I miss you. It’s really sweet. Like my bro. I also drive him crazy sometimes but it’s okay ‘cause we’re brothers!

Rock on