Changing It Up – Your feedback Requested

SAP here…

So, Sundance was great fun and a wonderful experience, especially for Ponce. Not only did he get to meet some actors and celebrities, he got recognized A LOT, and not just for Retarded Policeman. A favorite moment was when he was recognized by Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds) for Wunderkammer. He stopped Ponce to tell him how great his performance was and how much he loved the film. It made Ponce’s day and also ignited a fuse… the fuse of blowing up 2009 all over this muthafoko!

We’ve gone through the ol’ youtube channel and cleaned it out. If you can’t find videos of ours you really like, fret not, we shall have a private page for the real fans, the you fans, that come here for more of us.  It won’t be up for a bit, but we will have a nice little members only area… a FREE members only area.

Also, we would love to hear from YOU more. Please comment here for now and tell us if there are any videos you miss, things you’d like to see, ideas for a members only site and anything else that’s hemming and hawing around in your craw.

Ponce here…

Gonna shoot more days on the VH1 show with Lance Krall. Maybe make a little mini-movie out of it on youtube or maybe private. Hope you guys like our stuff and hopefully we will get our own show going soon.  And please leave us some feedback.

Rock On – Ponce