COACH CRUSHER – A Family Flick

Ponceman demands respect from the Maggots

Ponceman demands respect from the Maggots


I just wanna say this is our new video and I play a bastard coach and I love it.  I got to kick my brother’s ass a lot in it too and I love that.  Also got acting with Rain and I love her and I love making videos with her ’cause she rocks ass.  So enjoy it and take it away bro…


Our new video is up and Ponce once again gets to unleash his inner asshole. He is COACH CRUSHER… and he hates idiots.


Basically, we went to Sunnyvale to visit Rain… my daughter, Ponce’s niece… and she always loves shooting videos with us.  So, we got her to round up a couple of her bestest friends, Megan and Andrew, and trekked down to the local park to create some video magic. We had a camera, a tripod with a boom mic attached to it, and the five people you see in the video.  If I had my druthers I would always have a camera operator and a sound mixer on every shoot, but when you have little, or in this case, no budget, you make it work.

Ponceman and Rain face-off

Ponceman and Rain face-off


This is the kind of stuff we like to do on YouTube.  Go out with a group of friends, come up with an idea, and shoot it.  We did one or two takes tops, just let everybody have fun, and then cut it together.  Ponce will almost always choose being the dick in the group, and when you add the bonus of him getting to beat the crap out of me… he’s in heaven.


Rain has become quite good at editing.  This is not just a dad thinking his daughter can do no wrong.  Trust me, if she sucked I would let her know in the nicest way possible and encourage her to focus her brain powers in another direction.  But she has taken to editing like a crackhead takes to felatiating dirty strangers for spare change.  She’s so good, I think I’ll actually be able to hire her soon.  That would rock much ass.  If you’d like to see a sample of her skillz check out this video she did a few days after I gave her Final Cut (editing program) and showed her a few tricks of the trade: RAIN’S VIDEO ON GAY RIGHTS IN JAMAICA

And with that we bid you a fond farewell, and wish you the best of enjoyments as you vidi…