Stupidface 3 Kicks Off Tonight!

Stupidface on Fuel TVFor those who don’t know, I… SAP… write, produce, and direct comedy segments for Stupidface, an hilarious sketch show on Fuel TV.  That’s right.  If you don’t have Fuel TV, get it, or find someone who has it and invade their Television space to get your Perry Brothers fix.

Tonight, 10PM Cali-time, tune in and see Ponce and the rest of our P-boy Posse.  Bobbi’s Bedroom stars Quernzy.  Her guests are Professor Evergreen (Cosmo) and Mr. Poncington (guess who) and they discuss the joys of Literature.  Bobbi shares a peom of her own and Mr. Poncington completely embraces the idea of hot tubbing.

There’s also an MC Outdoors/DJ Ponce commercial for Flippidy Flop… the personality swap in a drink.

We love doing this show.  It’s one of Ponce’s favorites because he gets to do so many different characters so please check it out.  And if you don’t have Fuel TV you can get the episodes at the itunes store.  Just click these links for SEASON 1 and SEASON 2

New episodes of Stupidface air every Thursday at 10PM Cali-time with repeats Fri and Sat nights… check your local listings for times.

If you’ve seen the show, please leave us a comment and tell us what you think.



Chick hits on Ponce, Boyfriend hits on her face


Super Ponce Why are dudes so cool? Because they hit their women. It’s fun for everybody!  Who doesn’t like to see some guy (obviously small in the weiner department) punch his drunken, abuse enabling, girlfriend in the face?  Ponce, take it away…


It’s true. I was sitting at the bar and this crazy, drunk, kinda fat a little, female lady sat down next to me.  Her name was Carmen and she was crazy nuts.  She flirted with me and she pulled me into her arms and into her belly and I stared at her boobies.  And then she became Dennis Hopper from Blue Velvet and said, “MOMMY… MOMMY…Mommy won’t be mean to you. I’m never mean.”  And I liked it ’cause I saw her boobies and she was really flirting with me a lot.  Then she said, “It’s gonna be okay… it’s gonna be okay,” and I had no idea what she was talking about but I still saw her boobs and liked the flirting.  She gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then I gave her a kiss on the cheek and then this big jackass guy came up to me and said, “She has a boyfriend, man!”  And it was him.  He was really pissed and I was scared out of my pants and almost shit myself.  Then he yelled at her and went to the bathroom but then he turned around and punched her in the face.  Then bro made me go stand behind him with our friends and the guy got kicked out.  He was a really big asshole guy.  Take it away, bro…


All I could think about when the guy came up to Ponce and yelled, “She has a boyfriend, man!” in his face was… “I might actually kill this guy if he touches Ponce.”

Then I realized I would probably have to wait in line.  There were about 6 of our friends between me and the asshole guy.  Aside form them, there was a very big crowd of NEW FANS of Ponce who we didn’t know before we went into the bar, but they knew Ponce from the shows we do and a Ponceman Posse was born.  When the guy walked away I could tell that this happens with him and his girlfriend all the time.  That’s when he turned around and punched her in the face.  He bolted for the bathroom followed closely by Tim, the uber-cool doorman who led the pouty prick out the bar.

Once of the girls in Ponce’s new posse tried to comfort the girl and said, “Sweetie, you don’t need to be with a guy that hits you.”  The freshly punched girlfriend looked at her and screamed, “Fuck you!  Who the fuck do you think you are!?!  You don’t know me, bitch!” and was then led out of the bar by Tim.  She got in the car with her fistful of kisses dick-brain and they sped off… hopefully driving off a cliff and dying in a fireball of their sweet punchy love.

Lessons learned: Ponce is a chick magnet (duh), Chicks who let dudes punch them are crazy (double duh), and if anyone dares to mess with my brother they will most likely be torn apart within seconds.

It’s the old saying, a friend is someone who helps you move… A real friend is someone that helps you move a body.

A Rare and Welcomed Surprise – Free Radio

Just watched the latest episode of Free Radio on VH1.  The show is so out of place on this network… mainly because it’s a great show.  Sadly, VH1’s programming has moved to Turd City and is littering all over its own streets with an endless amount of Same Shit-Different (and not in a clever way) Title “reality” shows that make me taste my own vomit every time I get a glimpse of them.  Try watching more than 3 minutes of any of the “_____ of Love” shows and you’ll see/taste what I mean.

Yes, Ponce and I both guest star on Free Radio this season.  Yes, that is a good reason for us to tout the show as being awesome.  The honest reality is, this here entertainment world we have decided to become active members of is full of terrible shows and even more terrible people who make them.

I’ve been in some really shitty movies and TV shows.  Free Radio is so far removed from the shitty it makes me smile when I think about it.

Every cast member on the show is talented in the uber column, and everyone who makes the show happen behind the scenes makes being on set such a pleasure that when your scenes are done you still want to hang out for the rest of the shoot.  Most of the time I am ready to bolt when I’m wrapped, but this little show is an exception that I am happy to succumb to… if all TV shows were like this the quality of what’s on TV would be so high you could actually get smarter watching it.

So call it blowing sunshine up Free Radio’s ass, brown-nosing the Exec(s) at VH1 who gave the show a go for season 2, or just plain spewing happy to find a show on TV that doesn’t suck goo.  Bottom line is, the show is funny, smart, and the people who make it are truly wonderful.  The fact that they rewrote an entire episode especially catered to the mighty Ponceman screams volumes.

Sad truth, most networks are scared to cast Ponce in anything.  Oh they would be fine if he guest starred as the magical retard who spews childlike wisdom and nobody ever says anything mean to him and if they do they get their comeuppance.  We are angling to take the PC/terrified to lose their sponsors attitude the networks have developed over the years and burn the living shit out of it.  If more shows like Free Radio hit the airwaves that task will get easier.

Now children, pray with me for Free Radio season 3…