Good Hatin’

SAP here…

We get a lot of interesting emails and comments about our videos. For the most part people seem to really enjoy the work we do. A lot of people point out how much they love the fact that we are not Politically Correct and also like the way we make fun of stereotypes. Here are a couple of examples of that work:



We have never pulled punches about our beliefs as far as comedy goes and how sad and watered down the humor in our country has become since the PC freaks decided that context and tone don’t count anymore. Well, once again we call double bullshit.

When someone calls their friend a “Retard” we know they aren’t knocking people with down syndrome. Why? Because of the context and tone in which the words are used. If I call someone an “idiot” I can guarantee if your heard it, you’d know if it was friendly shit-talking or an actual verbal attack.  Context and tone must not become irrelevant or we will cease to grow and learn as a society.

Now, Ponce has a good understanding of this world and the people in it, especially the ones on the internet. And over the years we’ve both learned different ways to process the hate that gets flung our way. Another example of this is… Warren, the douche:

This brings us back to the emails and comments we get. Now, tone is something you can’t really read in an email or comment on a youtube video. That is the case, usually. I think just about anyone who reads the following comment can pretty much nail its intended tone on the head. I give you a message from Chriskinda.


hey yo I’m just speakin the truth. We really should kill all the retards and save a lot of time…especially the ones who aren’t even human. I mean whats the point of keeping people alive to waste resources when they can’t give anything back to soceity. It may be mean cruel or even sadistic, but the world can’t support the worthless.

I wish I could understand how this attitude, this belief system, still exists. The notion that any group can be judged and sentenced to death, THIS IS WHAT IS PROPOSED ABOVE, based on their genetics is disgusting to me. One thing I know about myself is that senseless hate makes my stomach turn. I also know one thing about Ponce… he can shake it off easier than anyone I know. The guy that all this hate is aimed at is the one guy who is bothered by it the least. Why? Because he files this person away as a lost cause and just focuses on the true friends that surround him. I take a little while longer to get past the filing process.