An Inglourious Yank on our Chains.

So, YouTube yanked our Inglourious Basterds parody because SOMEBODY claimed it was copyright infringement.  Let’s get a few things nice and sparkly clear here:


This video is a PARODY which falls under FAIR USE in copyright law.  IF this video is truly copyright infringement then so is Scary Movie, Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, Airplane, Hot Shots, Spaceballs, The Naked Gun and all the other Parodies that are out there.  Is anyone filing copyright infringement against those films?  No.  Why not?  Because they are PARODY.

I have to say, the fact that Youtube reviewed the claim and pulled our video and DID NOT CONTACT US before yanking it is quite disturbing.  Especially since it is clearly parody.  In addition, when the video was first uploaded we filled out the YouTube form that states all the material is original.

Sadly, we can’t get anyone from youtube to talk to us since this whole Retarded Policeman BS started back in January.  All the partnered channels have some youtube contact they can talk to, but for some reason we don’t. Maybe it’s because we aren’t PC… wait a sec.  Retarded Policeman isn’t PC, yet youtube talks to MF (Mediocrefilms).  MF does have over 240,000 subscribers and we have a little over 27,000. Kinda feels like the playing field is not level… and not level in several areas.  This is a patchy, uneven playing field! We want a refund! (tantrum tantrum… picks nose… is grossed out immediately by nose picking… Ponce and SAP begin wrestle in a fit of rage.  Ponce pulls SAP’s armpit hair, SAP counters with a double butt cheek pinch… ear yank Ponce, nipple twist SAP, Ponce farts, SAP passes out.  While SAP is unconscious from Ponce’s deadly fart smell, Ponce takes picks of him topless with a cowboy hat and says it’s an homage to Bro-Back Mountain.)

Ponce's Brokeback Mountain Tribute "BRO-BACK MOUNTAIN"

Ponce's Brokeback Mountain Tribute: "BRO-BACK MOUNTAIN"

For the record, we know we are the small fish in this battle.  We’re a minnow facing a giant sea monster.  But we also know we are in the right.  We won’t stop fighting until we are proven right.  Please watch our Inglourious BasTARDS spoof on Vimeo while we fight the false claim.  And remember when you watch it that “the following material as a result of a third-party notification by Alliance Films claiming that this material is infringing:”

And please,sign up for a free Vimeo account when you watch it and leave us some comments there, and here if you like.

Thanks – The Perry Brothers

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Friday Film Fantasy: Deep Blue Tard

PONCE here…

I wrote a blog on our private site about Retarded Movies I would like to make and spoof. Our friend Karine made this poster from one of the titles I did and it makes me laugh and I love it.

Thanks Karine. You rock and everybody check out her profile on our site cause she has great art on it.


A Perry Brother Update… New Digs

At the Vegas Airport

At the Vegas Airport

SAP here…

So the Ponceman and I are sitting at the recharge zone in the Vegas airport and we figured this would be a good time to drop a blog log since we have been off the grid for the past 2 weeks.

What’s been goin’ down since last we bloggled?

We moved, for one thing, for one big thing, for one big draining mind-numbing thing. For those who don’t know it, Ponce and I have shared a cozy one bedroom apartment in Los Feliz (east Hollywood) for the past 2 and a half years. Since he moved in with me full time it’s been a slow adjustment to figure out how to live together in such a tiny place. The adjustment finally landed on DON’T live together in a tiny space.

Sooooo, we got a loft downtown in Little Tokyo/Arts district. I gotta say, even though all our shit’s still in boxes and my bed isn’t even set up yet (sleeping on the fold out couch) the feeling of gigantic space the new place gives us has made us both ridiculously happy instantly. We both feel healthier and are quickly falling in love with our new neighborhood. We might ask it to marry us. Or at least try to do some heavy petting with it.

The new space means we have room for, not only all our clothes and groceries and other typical apartmenty stuff, but for props, cameras, grip gear and more. That means we will soon be setting up more shoots and won’t have to struggle to find locations and won;t have to walk around big piles of camera equipment and sound gear in our living room. We went from a 550 sq foot one bedroom to a 1220 sq foot loft with 18 foot ceilings.

The poopy side, there’s always a poopy side, is that we won’t get to unpack and set things up for another couple of weeks. The up side to the poopy side is the reason we can’t unpack is because we are off to New Orleans and our hometown Lafayette, LA for the next 10 days. We get to see the family, sit on a panel discussion, run around the streets of New Orleans surrounded by mesh-underwearing males, and for the first time in a long time… relax a little.

Once we get back we unpack, organize and get ready to hit Chicago… why? We are going to be shooting a new series (cross fingers) that will make mucho laughter emit from the guttural giggle centers of our fans. More to come on that soon, meanwhile here’s Ponce…

PONCE here…

The new place is cool. It’s really big and I got a new bunk bed with an office underneath it. And the couch in my office folds out into a guest bed so we can have sleepovers and parties and our friends don’t have to drive home they can just party with us all night.

I can’t wait till our mama visits us in the new place at the end of the month and she will help us out making it cool and she’ll love it.

Now we’re going to New Orleans and gonna see the family and sistah with her pregnant belly. There’s a little baby in there and it’s a girl and Bro-in-law can’t make a boy baby so he’s a girl. AndI can’t wait to have a new niece from sistah’s belly. And I wish father and everyone could come visit soon too.

Can’t wait to go to Chicago and see that muthafoko Adam Mock. And I will tell him to do the Mock-erana. We’re gonna do a really funny new series with him and It’s gonna kick ass. Bro says we can’t talk about it much yet but we will update everybody when we got it going soon.

Now off to New Orleans and when we get back starting on a new feature script that’s funny as hell with Cozmo in it.And I’m gonna be his sidekick. It’s another secret but I think we are gonna do it soon.

That’s all for now. And everybody checkout our new video the Parkour Odyssey. Some people hate it but that’s okay ’cause we like it and the music rocks and bro wracks his balls in it. watch it here:

Rock on – Ponce and SAP

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