Friday Film Fantasy: Deep Blue Tard

PONCE here…

I wrote a blog on our private site about Retarded Movies I would like to make and spoof. Our friend Karine made this poster from one of the titles I did and it makes me laugh and I love it.

Thanks Karine. You rock and everybody check out her profile on our site cause she has great art on it.


2 thoughts on “Friday Film Fantasy: Deep Blue Tard

  1. ponceisthebomb99 says:

    great fantasy guys, love your work. Anyway, today in science, we were learnin more about the water cycle, table, etc. we then learned about an aquiTARD which is a close to impassible layer of rock and such. anyways, I thought of ponce due to the fact that this fantasy here included the word tard. I thought that for your next film fantasy, you could take aquaman’s clothes, and put ponce’s face on his body, with the headline “Aquatard!”. Just an idea, but get back to me on what you think. 😀

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