Ever Feel Like the Whole World is Against You?


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SAP & Ponce here…

We have been laying low the past month or so.  Tons of reasons for this… between the day in/day out of just trying to pay the bills, some wacky idiot-helmed internet attacks, and the harsh reminder that YES, there’s no shortage of scumbags and douche-nozzles out there who will take advantage of anyone, including a sweetheart of a guy with Down Syndrome (and his retarded brother), when it comes to ego and the almighty dollar.

Everybody in this life goes through their own fair share of BS that drains them, drags them down, and, sometimes, crushes their spirits.  So how do we get through it all without sucking on the business end of a double barrel like the late, no more BS to deal with, Kurt Cobain did?

The trick to finding the upside, at least for us, is to make art out of it.

A lot of people try and positive-phrase things away… “It’s always darkest before the dawn…” “Anything in life worth experiencing is worth fighting for…” “If you love something, set it free, blah blah blah…”  These are easily learned and regurgitated sayings that keep people ignoring instead of actually examining their situations.

You know the phrase, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Well, when life gives us lemons, we make something like this…

When Life Gives You Lemons

Sayings are black and white, life isn’t.  If you’re being tortured and you’r happy they chose the petite spiked dildo to use on your ass today instead of the usual jumbo size, a “look on the bright side” doesn’t really pan out as nicely in reality as it sounds like it does in word form.

There’s always an X-factor, an unforseen hiccup in everything we experience.  Some are so small they don’t even register, others can’t be ignored.  Having to crush the 9pound lemon-baby you just birthed to make lemonade is what keeps things in perspective for us.

We know we are not “PC”.  We cringe at the thought of sugarcoating things for the audience in an attempt to please everyone.  It will never happen.  No matter what you do, there’s always somebody out there who will hate everything you do.  And that is a reality that needs to be accepted.  Any attempt to win over that small percentage of haters is wasted energy.

We know that is a big reason the Networks and Studios are scared to give us a greenlight on the projects that we want to make.  They don’t want to give people reality.  They want to give them the pure, non dildo torture, brightside of things that they feel will translate into box office dollars or Nielsen ratings.  Sadly, this is what keeps people from growing and, sadly, keeps the quality of TV shows and Movies on a steady downward spiral towards mediocrity and forgettable garbage.

We aim a little higher.  We try a little harder.  We think people need to see a little reality in their entertainment*.  When you point out the ridiculousness, darkness, and harshness of things in this world, and somehow still manage to make it FUNNY… people not only relate to it, they relate to the rest of the world a little better because of it.

reality in their entertainment*
Note: We do not include “Reality TV Shows”.  If anything, the reality TV of today are some of the furthest things from reality and another reason our society tends to get dumber before they get smarter.

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My face, your face, we all fled from Myspace

My face, your face, we all fled from Myspace

Ponce’s Directorial Debut… Catch Phrases

PONCE here…

Hey everybody, I did my first directing on this video because I was bored and sick and wanted to make something funny for everybody. It’s some of my favorite catch phrases and I hope you like it. It makes me laugh and drives my bro crazy a little bit.

So rock on

– Ponce

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