H Magazine Perry Brothers Interview

Support your local Perry Brother

H Magazine is a very cool art-filled, visually stunning publication. They do great layouts that don’t feel like the normal shove-a-shitload-of-ads-down-your-already-overstuffed-with-other-shitloads-of-ads throats.

Tobias Jelinek interviewed us and did a really cool layout of the interview. It has some handwritten Q&A, actual ol’ skool Polaroids, and some good little insights into the minds of Ponceman and the SAP. It’s in the Detour Journal column.

H Magazine is at Barnes & Noble, Skylight Books (Los Feliz) and tons of other newstands. If you can’t find it at your favorite newstand, tell those mofos to wake the Fus=zzle up and order it… especially the edition with Mila Kunis on the cover, that’s the one that has the extra chromosome hidden inside. The extra chromosome is the one with all the funny in it.

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