“Hey Bro” hits YouTube

It’s the show they wouldn’t let you see. Who’s they? The man, the devil, the ones that protect their investment by keeping smart, daring, controversial humor off the TV and substitute it with the dumb, safe stuff. Who loses. Everybody.

TV networks have been bitching a lot lately that they just can’t get the ratings they did in the 80s and 90s because there are too many other distractions out there on the internet. Well, we say it’s because they mostly show crap! The Politically Correct world has made things suck ass for our entertainment world.

So, to keep themselves safe, they don’t air anything a consumer might be offended by, like “Hey Bro”. Even though Ponce is always the hero, always in control, and… honestly… if anyone can watch these shows and actually think Ponce is unaware of what he is doing, then the anyone in question is the one with the learning disability.

That said, we give you episode one of “Hey Bro”… Am I a Jew?

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