Superhero by Superhero: Vagabond

The hobo superhero with Power Thumbs™

Fallen Superhero: Vagabond

Model: Scott Allen Perry (aka Me)

For those of you who own the Fallen Superheroes book there is an introduction that describes the process of creating the superheroes. Basically we would either build the character off of the person playing them or find the perfect person to play that superhero we already had in mind. In my case, I drew from who I have been in the past and who I have started becoming in recent times.

I spent most of my adult life moving around a lot. All the while trying to have a successful career in some form of entertainment. In Austin it was music, in NYC it was on stage, and in Los Angeles it was Movies and TV. The notion of Vagabond being a superhero who is constantly on a quest to fight crime but not being very proactive felt good and identifiable. I love the idea of a character who is on a constant quest to fight crime but always arrives too late. Maybe he could’ve skipped that hooker pitstop and stopped the bank robbery…. but Superheroes have needs too.

As far as other personal connections to the character goes, I would definitely NOT have an issue with looking foolish or fat while flying because I had to make a double-chin and situate my body in an unflattering position to achieve flight. I’d be stoked to fly, Vagabond is definitely more concerned with his appearance. I have, however, become a bit of a Vagabond since returning to Louisiana at the beginning of 2011. I was on the road with Eric Curtis (Photographer/genius of Fallen Superheroes) shooting the book for 3 months and have spent a ton of time travelling back and froth between Lafayette, New Orleans, Austin and Los Angeles either working on my own stuff or travelling with my brother, the Ponceman, for movies he was working on. I am ready to settle in to a cozy place in New Orleans and continue my back and forth to the cities I love for work and pleasure.

Vagabond Sketch

Here is the original sketch of Vagabond. Very similar to the final costume. The differences in the color of the capes and the upper section of the costume were due to the availability of material. The goggles went from a whacky 80s style sunglasses homage to the steampunk style viser goggles, but the execution mostly stayed true to the sketch. We opted to go sleek silver retro suitcase to add to the secret agent/mystery vibe of the character and lost the extra “V” symbol under the neckline because it was too busy. And another little detail I love is that he has 2 capes. It’s totally a vanity thing, subconscious to Vagabond but definitely the onus for him deciding to have 2 separate capes instead of the standard single cape most superheroes have. And he is clearly thinner than I am. Hey, I drew it, I can shed a few pounds in sketch form if I want, right? He’s self conscious to the point that his “V” symbol is on a fat-burner belt. That way he’s always working out. And might I add, the amount of sweat that damn fat-burning belt created made the costume quite funky by the final day of shooting.

Giving Vagabond Power Thumbs™ came from the notion that since he would only use his power of flight as a last resort due to the ridiculous position he had to assume to fly, he would hitchhike. He’s a guy who wants to reduce his carbon footprint, mostly because he doesn’t want to pay for car insurance or gas. Giving him gigantic thumbs that were the source of his power was an added bonus to the hitchhiking side of the character. Definite inspiration from Uma Thurman’s character in Even Cowgirls Get the Blues in there too.

Vagabond is a character that we all know, the friend or relative who never seems to settle down in one place for too long, always following some new idea or scheme, hopping from bed to bed or couch to couch depending on the person he’s crashing with that night. And of course at the end of the day he means well. But don’t count on him showing up to the children’s cancer benefit on time if he gets into a conversation with a cute chick in the Kombucha section at the Whole Foods.

UP NEXT: Plutonica



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