Superhero by Superhero: Double Diamonds

The Ambiguity abounds in this Yin & Yang Duo

Fallen Superheroes: Double Diamonds

Models: Michelle Beyda-Scott & Veronika Olah

So this is one big ball of info for you Fallen Superhero Fans to swallow so I’ll ease it in on you.

Double Diamonds was our first shoot for the book. We drove out to Sunnyvale, CA where Michelle and Veronika were living. You see, Michelle is my daughter Rain’s mother. Veronika, or V-ron, is Rain’s other mother. We thought having a superhero duo was a great way to kickoff the book, and having them be entangled romantically just added layers of fun.

Agnes and Sadie, Tough yet Smooth.

We had a giant box of superhero odds and ends we had gotten from my mother and at the always life-saving Ozzie Dots in Los Feliz. We went to a costume shop in San Jose with the girls and found all the wonderful stuff that became their costumes. We wanted them to look like they were on the same team but having them both have a very strong sense of individuality at the same time.

We decided to go with different shades of metallic blue as the base, same style just different hues. I had the pink metallic shorts so we found a gold metallic skirt that would counter it. Michelle was the tough side and V-ron the smooth. We went silver vs gold and found same style capes but different colors and gave them matching gloves with different gauntlets. The goggles came from my mother. Add the headbands and we had an almost complete dynamic duo of dames. We just needed on las touch to unify them and also say superhero at the same time. The symbol…. what could we use as a symbol?

Then I saw them on the jewelry rack; a pair of red, shiny earrings. They looked somewhat vaginal. Perfect for our team. And if you stuck them in the right spot they’d look very superheroic. Thus the Double Diamond symbol was born, stuck proudly between the lady boobage.

Then it was off to the farm…. and luckily one of Michelle’s relatives had the perfect one, complete with horses, an RV and the most amazing pair of pigs I’ve ever seen.

We cranked out the shots. Eric called for forlorn looks, longing glances, looks of isolation, and the girls delivered the goods. We then trekked out to the oddest little place in Sunnyvale I had seen on my last visit with Rain. It was the strangest thing I’d seen in the middle of a suburb. An orchard. In the middle of a neighborhood. It was huge and beautiful and you’d never guess it was surrounded by minivans, baby boomers and a rec-center.

Now, when we shot these pics the whole Don’t ask, Don’t tell issue was kicking hard in the media so it definitely peppered the context of the photos. Also, Michelle and I had dated and a beautiful little girl came from that relationship. There was a built in feeling of failure and achievement, the yin and yang thing we were going for, and it really adds some magic to a lot of the shots.

And finally, the infamous horse tongue shot is 100% real. Eric happened to press the shutter at the right moment. And that moment happened to be when the horse looked directly into camera and stuck its tongue out. This is also even more serendipitous when you take into account that Eric does not just fire away willy nilly when he shoots. He shoots shots when he sees them. So the fact that he was at the ready when that tongue stuck out was extra momentous.

We started off with a bang. Oddly enough, we didn’t shoot another Fallen Superhero until 5 months later.

Next Up: Vane



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