Superhero by Superhero: 420BLNT

A man who would rather oganically farm than fight.

Fallen Superhero: 420BLNT

Model: Cosmo Johnson

This was a no brainer as far as picking a person to make a superhero out of goes. Cosmo was MC Outdoorz in the FuelTV show I wrote and produced segments for. Stupidface, available on itunes. It starred Cosmo and his sidekick DJ Ponce, played by that sexy bitch, Josh the Ponceman Perry.

This is a superhero Eric totally took the lead on. He bought this skin tight body suit that serendipitously accentuated one of Cosmo’s largest features, a do-rag, a space helmet and a big-ass pimp clock set to 420. The idea of the brother from another planet was a driving factor.

One thing that was batted around was the notion that everything on Earth that is considered offensive or racist would be the opposite on 420BLNT’s planet. I still love that idea but it definitely was more of a statement about our screwed up society and the power we give words.

P to the imp

Design was all Eric on this one. It’s militant with a little Flava Flav thrown in for good measure. Adam really nailed the idea of alienation. But not being alienated from a new world but from your own world. The choice of pacifism versus conquest ended 420BLNT’s acceptance by his people. The thought that his name, the random result of the classification system on his home planet, somehow gives him street cred here on Earth was brilliant. Again, I give Adam props for having an odd brain that makes me chuckle a lot.

Here’s a little writing insight from Adam:

“I think 420BLNT was originally called 420KRYP.  We ended up changing his name because we thought it would be funny to push the idea that his name on his planet was an indicator of his ability, but here on Earth, it was an indicator of his lifestyle.  Cozmo Johnson did a great job of emoting a look of “What the hell happened to my life?” in all the images.  He’s constantly reflecting back on how it used to be.

A tale of rejection, 420BLNT was a guy who did the right thing, he would not be part of an invasion of another galaxy.  And for that, he would be exiled.  For many of us, sometimes when we choose to do the right thing, we find ourselves with a different set of friends, a different landscape in life, and sometimes, we find ourselves alone.” – Adam Mock

Eric had a bear of a time wrangling Cosmo for the shoot. What was a one day shoot turned into a few days shoot because, well, Cosmo is a hard man to schedule. If you shoot at 9am you can almost guarantee there about 3 hours of waiting till he’s done with some other list of tasks he’s decided he has to do before shooting can commence. Sometimes only those tasks can be tackled while the sun is up, leaving the shooting for some later date. Eric soldiered through these obstacles though and captured some truly captivating images of a man who doesn’t belong anywhere, yet is accepted where he ended up.

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