Superhero by Superhero: Shock Mama

The Most Powerful Superhero in the Universe….
unfortunately, she’s agoraphobic

Fallen Superhero: Shock Mama

Model: Amanda Lyon

What can I say about Amanda other than she was birthed to be a superhero. Just look at her. The face, the hair, the curvy goodness. She is a rock goddess.

I met Amanda at Caffe Cottage. She was bartending and she also happened to be Ainnsley’s roommate at the time. We became friends instantly. She’s the kind of person you just want to hug all the time.

So, one night whilst sucking back cocktails at Caffe I asked her what kind of superhero she would want to be. She said she wanted to be electric and Shock Mama was born. I grabbed a napkin and sketched out the basic look. Satellite dish skirt and wrist guards, the sexy boots, and that hair. Her excitement was…. well…. electric.

When it came time to fabricate her costume my mother went balls to the wall crazy with joy. She had a corset that was perfect for Amanda and she pimped it out Shock Mama style. It totally made the costume go from cool to muthafuckin’ badass!

Original napkin sketch
NOTE: Her arms out like an airplane because she’s CRAZY

A lil’ inside scoop about my mother. She designs and creates Mardis Gras costumes, ballgowns, gothic vampire fashion and other goodies for a living. She’s very glittery and glamorous in her work and it was a perfect fit for this project. She has a room full of material. Tons of it is metallic or holographic or whatever else you would want

Mom had this metal wire, 6 gauge wire, sitting on a shelf and I went nut with it. I made Shock Mama’s pimpin’ satellite collar with that and this crazy cool metallic paper she had lying around. That stuff plus a glue gun and a tiny pair of pliers made the collar come to life.

As far as Shock Mama’s backstory goes, Amanda said she wanted to be crazy. I thought, how about a mental patient superhero. Then the idea of her getting her powers from the mental care facility struck me. She was getting shock therapy and the technician stepped out to take a call…. and never came back. There was a power surge and our poor little schizophrenic sweetheart was transformed into Shock Mama. The down side was it made her agoraphobic. Then, with the Reagan cutbacks, her mental hospital was shut down. So how do you kick a superhero out? You don’t. So now you have Shock Mama, the most powerful superhero in the universe, wandering around day to day in an abandoned mental facility. If any crime or super villain happened to do their bad business in that mental facility, Shock Mama would dispatch them with little to no effort. But, she’s stuck, trapped by her own fears, unable to help anyone despite her limitless powers.

Location Location Location – Amanda happened to be in the theatre department and said, “I think I have the perfect place to shoot.” And because of that we basically found the ultimate place to double as a mental hospital that was shut down in the 80s. The theatre department at UL. Everything you see is as it exists. The place is still in use, all the time, but hasn’t had a facelift since the early 80s. The creepy locker room with the metal cubbies, the bathroom with the nuclear radiation showers, all of it was perfect. Combined with Amanda’s amazing looks and ability to appear crazy, we cranked out yet another homerun of a Fallen Superhero.

And the bonus was, we shot everything in 5 hours. I’ve never moved so fast on a shoot. It was just me and Eric. we had streamlined the gear and our method of loading and unloading to a fine art. We rigged lights to the ceiling, lit an entire gymnasium, and found every shot faster than we’ve ever done. It helps when you have Eric’s insanely tuned eye. He sees a location and instantly knows if there’s a shot there or not. And with a model like Amanda moving as quickly and professionally as she did we barely broke a sweat.

NEXT UP: Fast Food modeled by Matthew Ison



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