Ponce’s Directorial Debut… Catch Phrases

PONCE here…

Hey everybody, I did my first directing on this video because I was bored and sick and wanted to make something funny for everybody. It’s some of my favorite catch phrases and I hope you like it. It makes me laugh and drives my bro crazy a little bit.

So rock on

– Ponce

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Hanna Hall, Girl of Our Dreams

Our friend Hanna is one of the sweetest, fun, wacky friends we have. She’s da bomb. You might know her as young Jenny in Forest Gump (“run, Forest, run!”) or from the Virgin Suicides or Rob Zombie’s Halloween… but we know her simply as Hanna Sweet-and-wonderful-to-hang-with Hall.

We did this one afternoon when she stopped by… quick idea and a lovely new onscreen couple. Forget Branjelina…. PoncennaHall rules!