Friday Film Fantasy: The Taking of Ponceman 123

If you’re gonna remake a movie, make it with Ponceman. Then throw Cozmo onscreen with him and let the magic happen. Somebody make this movie!


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Friday Film Fantasy: SAPPED In The Closet 69-198

No one other than R. Kelly could have created the unintentional hilarity found in his accidental masterpiece Trapped In The Closet … the irony here is gigantic. He did plan on TITC being a masterpiece, a brilliant, multi-layered work of art. But not for the reasons it is exactly that. It is indeed the Plan 9 From Outer Space of the Hip-Hop/Self-Proclaimed Genius world.

With that in mind I offer the sure-to-be-an-instant-classic-laugh-your-ass-off-at-the-clueless-self-pretention-that-is-manifest-to-the-uber-degree-in-its-creator’s-work-of-wonder that shall be known as SAPPED In The Closet: 69-198should anyone decide to pay me to make it.

Genius Always New He Was Won

This Genius Always New He Was Won...

Starring (L to R & T to B) Chad Galster, Rain Scott, SAP, Josh “The Ponceman” Perry, Valerie Levitt, Brett Halsey, Valerie Querns, Roy Lim.

Friday Film Fantasy: Octomom 2

Octomom 2… Resistance is Fertile!

Childbirth is the most horrifying thing out there. Why do you think The Omen and The Bad Seed were such big hits?

And as far as horror home-runs go, this one is both a sequel and an algebra pun… Octomom 2 (squared) hence the double Octomom belly.

Somebody make this movie!

Dropping Placentas everywhere this Fall!!!

Dropping Placentas everywhere this Fall!!!