The Thing With Father’s Day

Ponce here…

I just wanna say I love Father’s Day because I love my father. He is the sweetest man just like I said in my song about him. He used to be an old crank but he’s nice now and he really makes me laugh. My favorite thing about Father’s Day is to call him and say Happy Father’s Day. And I sing to him and torture him a little and he loves it because he loves his Ponce. I love having a good family and getting along and I hate to fight but sometimes we all drive each other crazy. But that’s okay. We get past it all.

Bro wanted to do a new Father’s Day song and I wanted to do one too so he wrote one and I wrote mine and then we did them and sent them to Dirty Jenny and she played the guitar on them. She rocks ass.

So here they are and I hope you love them. Love my father.

SAP here…

It is odd that I find myself posting a 3rd video we made for our father. 4th if you count the remix we did last year. Odd because I never would have believed our family would be this close if you asked me 20 years ago. In short, my father and I did not get along my entire childhood. Most people who go through what we went through growing up would probably hit the road at 18 and never speak to each other again.

This was not the case with my family. Why? Not really sure. I think the one thing I can point too that changed things was not keeping things buried inside. When I realized I had no real reason to ever speak to my father again I decided to let him know, and to let him know why. Shockingly, he apologized and told me why he was the way he was when I was growing up. It all slowly trickled down from there. Apologies, conversations, getting to know each other… never would have happened had I not spoken up. I think facing things head on is the one of the hardest things to do for many people in this life. Sadly, I know that a lot of the time, honesty is met with deaf ears. However, that doesn’t change the face that if you never speak out then the person you have an issue with would never have a chance to step up and deal with the situation. They might not even have a clue that they have done something that has affected you. sometimes people are truly oblivious to the affect they have on others.

So, my Father’s Day message is simply to talk to each other. I know too many friends who haven’t spoken to their parents since they left home. They never talked to them about why they decided to end relations with them. And so much time has passed at this point that I totally understand why it is just too daunting of an issue to dig up and try to resolve.

I count myself lucky to have the relationship I do with my father. And I love you, Father. For reals.

Here are you two new Father’s Day songs from your two boys. And the original one we made for you too… the one with the special cameo at the end by Sistah.

Happy Father’s Day

If I Could Travel Through Time Like In Back To The Future

Back to the Future Ponceman Style

Back to the Future Ponceman Style


I love Back to the Future. It’s one of my favorite all time movies. I love the time machine. I wish I had one so I could travel through time from my childhood experience.

I would go back to the taxi cab experience with Sydney Ruben Jr and I could stop myself from doing it. My whole family was panicked for me and I was stupid. But I don’t want to talk about it. But I would go back and wake up Sistah and tell her to stop myself from calling the taxi cab. And I would walk up to myself and tell me not to go. I would tell myself that I’m a dumbass and that Sistah will kick my ass if I do it.

Then I would go in the time machine and go back home to Los Angeles when I had my other bad cab experience and tell bro to call me and tell me not to get in the cab. And I would call myself and tell me to stop being a dumbass again and don’t get in the cab.

Then I would go back in the time machine and go back to Lafayette when bro and dad got in a fight and bro got kicked out of the house and I would kick my dad’s ass and tell him to leave my brother alone. I would tell dad that he was an asshole in the past and he is a nice guy now. The greatest guy really ever was. And I love my father so much now and he’s such a great man now. And I would tell him to be the greatest father ever and fix all that stuff.

Then I go back in the time machine again to stop Sistah from dating her ex boyfriend cause he was a dick. And I would kick his ass.

And then I would go back in time when I was born and the doctor told my my mom to put me in an institution because I had Down Syndrome and he told my mom that I would never be good for nothing and always be stupid. And I would kick his ass for saying that shit to my mom and tell mom that she was being screwed over and lied to by the doctor and tell her I was gonna grow up to be great and I love my mama.

Then I would go back in time to when Quernzy’s stepfather got run over by someone and I would save his life.

I would go back in time and sign a contract for the internet series we did on that guy’s channel so we don’t get screwed over because that guy was a liar. And I would tell myself that I got screwed over by that guy and to not trust him and make him sign a contract.

I really wish I had that time machine. But I don’t have it so maybe I’ll build one. And then I would do all that stuff.


The Perry Brothers Mingle Mob

The Perry Brothers Mingle Mob