The Good News… teaser


We’ve been busy. Or, I’ve been busy. Ponce has been taking a lil’ vacation. He met a girl, online, that he digs. They are gonna have some face to face time soon to see if there’s a love connection. Cross fingers. Ponce deserves some romance.

On the horizon, the things that I’ve been busy with…

  1. Mime Very Own Book – due to hit bookshelves Dec 2011. Stars Doug Jones with cameos by Ponce. Also a cameo or two from yours truly, Adam Mock (co-writer) and Eric Curtis (photographer extraordinaire) This book is hilariousness. Imagine the Far Side if every scenario had a Mime, and instead of a cartoon it was surreal photographs that captured both the real world and an artists brainstorm in each image.
  2. Fallen Superheroes – another book. From Eric Curtis’ brain cells, the notion is superheroes that suffer from the same troubles as every other human on the planet… but they are bulletproof… literally. Here’s some blurbage for you to salivate on…

    “Fallen Superheroes is a caricatured look at extraordinary everyday people through the visionary lens of professional photographer Eric Curtis. Using superheroes as the allegory, Curtis explores the not-so-glamorous and sometimes dark realities of those who strive to live their dreams against all odds. Curtis once again pairs his trademark imagery with the witty prose of Scott Allen Perry and Adam Mock (Mime Very Own Book), making Fallen Superheroes an eye-popping, gut-busting, esoteric commentary on the unique individuals who color our lives.”

  3. TOP SECRET FEATURE FILM – Can’t say much other than it’s a very funny horror movie. Doug Jones, Hanna Hall, and other cool peeps MIGHT be starring in it. I might be directing it, might have written it, and might have a lead role in it. Ponce might be in it too. It might be kicking into high gear and you might hear about it within the next 6 weeks.
    If all these mights line up right, this movie WILL kick ass.

That’s the teaser version of things. More to come as it unfolds.

If you are wondering about when we are going to have some new YouTube videos, the answer is I really don’t know. If it was easy to crank out videos, the quality we want to make, we’d do it all the time. Sadly, we do not have the resources to make that happen. We are not anywhere near the level as some of our YouTube friends who actually make a living making their videos. We just don’t have the subscribers. Without the views, without a sponsor, there’s just not really any money being generated from the videos we release, which means everything we do is completely out of pocket. So, I’ve been focusing on getting projects up and running that will pay the bills. Close to making that happen. In the meantime, YouTube will have to wait.

If you are interested in getting on the inside track for fan-only bonus content for Mime Very Own Book then click this:

Stay tuned for wonderfulness.

-sap out

Follicles Music Video

SAP here…

Being a man with many a hair, sometimes I feel that those little strands of joy are under appreciated by the masses. This song and video are the result of thoughts I had while I was either sleeping, in waking sleep mode, drunk, or all of the above. That said, I woke up, recorded the song, and shot the video all in the same day. Sometimes the randomness cuddles you… and with my body hair, we both stay warm.

The Perry, Brothers of course, are the meat, and our lovely lady friends, the bread that holds this follicle sandwich together.  You can’t do a video making fun of videos like this video without the hot ladies, and we happened to have 3 on hand who also happen to be good friends.

I rave about my talented friends a lot, but now I have a specific excuse to rave.  Hanna Hall, Dirty Jenny, and Hana Mahn.

Hanna Hall is an actress I feel is constantly blossoming into a greater actress. She started young, big commercially successful films like Forrest Gump, indie hits like The Virgin Suicides, and even Rob Zombie’s Re-Bullshit-Imagining* of John Carpenter’s Halloween. She gets better with every role. She was the love interest/lead in American Cowslip (Ponce and I are both in that film) and has a magical quality on film… her face makes you want to hug it.

Dirty Jenny, a.k.a. Jen Leigh. She’s one of the best guitarists I’ve ever heard, hands down. And she’s fuckin’ funny. When I hang out with Jen I know I’m hanging out with someone who will always have something funny to say about whatever nonsense goes down. Give her a beer and a guitar and she’s happy. Throw in a bulldog, she’s in heaven. When she plays a guitar it makes me feel the electricity of life… even when she’s playing an acoustic!

Hana Mahn. Yes, our token Asian. Notice she got the micro-shaver in the video? Hana is new to the mix, and a definite new favorite. Another human you know will roll with whatever waves or punches come along… like scooping up chest hair and shaving the armpit of someone they just met. She’s also new to the whole world of performing… shocking when you see the natural talent and comfort she pours out when it is time to perform.

We shot the video on the Canon 7D Digital SLR Camera. This is a game changer in a lot of ways. 60 frames a second, 35 mm depth of field, and a $1,700 price tag could easily make this the new go to HD camera for music videos and commercials… and once they figure out the right rig, feature films.

The song is definitely me doing my best George Clinton smooth groove. For tunes in the similar feel dig Funkadelic’s Holly Wants to Go to California and the Ohio Players’ Bicentennial.

All that said, I now give you “Follicles… a body hair love song”

Starring SAP, Ponce, Hanna Hall, Dirty Jenny, Hana Mahn

Music written and performed by SAP

* Re-Bullshit-Imagining is my term for Re-Imagining which is a way the Studios get away with labeling a lazy remake of something they already own so they don’t have to buy a new script/idea. Not always a lazy remake, but bottom line, a remake. The whole re-imagining term is an insult to the movie goer, they just don’t seem to be bright enough to realize this and revolt by refusing to go see the recycled garbage the studios pump out. NOTE: I haven’t seen Rob Zombie’s Halloween. It might be wonderful, but the risk I take in seeing the film and lessening my opinion of him (and I have a very high opinion of him) is greater than the joy I would get from seeing the film.

Hanna Hall, Girl of Our Dreams

Our friend Hanna is one of the sweetest, fun, wacky friends we have. She’s da bomb. You might know her as young Jenny in Forest Gump (“run, Forest, run!”) or from the Virgin Suicides or Rob Zombie’s Halloween… but we know her simply as Hanna Sweet-and-wonderful-to-hang-with Hall.

We did this one afternoon when she stopped by… quick idea and a lovely new onscreen couple. Forget Branjelina…. PoncennaHall rules!