Inglouriousouser BasTARDS goes up today!

UPDATE: Kevin & Bean played our “Inglouriousouser BasTARDS” trailer on their show today. It’s good to get a shout out.

We, the Perry Brothers, are spoof lovers. Now, when we say spoof. we are not talking about the spoofs of the last decade or so, like the Epic/Disaster/Not-Another-Teen/Lazy-Fucking-Film-making-Take-The-Money-To-The-Bank-Suckers kind of spoofs. Those represent some of the worst film making ever, and they do nothing but lower the standards of the movie-going patron.

When we talk spoofs, we mean the classic, well crafted works of comedic genius like Airplane, Top Secret, and such. These films represent the high end of making fun of shit/paying homage to stuff you really like in a fun way.

War is Hell... and Ponce Pitt is gonna stake you on a tour!

War is Hell... and Ponce Pitt is gonna stake you on a tour!

That said, we give you Inglouriousouser BasTARDS. We dig Tarantino and hope his new flick kicks much butt, but in case it falls short, we have made our own little version of the movie we’d like to see.

We will post a “Behind the Scenes” look at how we made this little cinematic treat along with some other tech info we get asked for frequently. In the meantime, kick back and enjoy Inglouriousouser BasTARDS and please pass it on to your friends and anyone you think might know Quentin Tarantino. We think he would love this.


And Enjoy ours here:

Can you tell which one is Ponce?
Can you tell which one is Ponce?

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