Superhero by Superhero: Nimrod the Hunter

Man vs Wild…. for reals

Fallen Superhero: Nimrod the Hunter

Model: Louis Moncivias

Louis Moncivias is the man. If you are in Austin, Texas and want to find film crew, stunt people, musicians, good food, cool bars or just feel the need to ride a horse and eat organic veggies from a private garden then Louis Moncivias is the man you need to meet.

I first met Louis on the set of Pastor Shepherd, a little indie flick that Ponce and I were in a few years ago. Louis was about to be Danny Trejo’s stunt double for a scene in Machete where he kicks his way out of a burning car. He was funny, nice, and he could gut a deer in 15 minutes. Ponce loved him and I too was a bit smitten.

We stayed in touch and as the road trip from Los Angeles to Louisiana approached I knew a drive through Austin was definitely in the cards. I talked to Eric about having a Native American superhero, he could speak to the animals, control the flow of rivers and summon the rain and sun gods. Of course, being fallen, maybe he could talk to the animals but couldn’t understand them. Maybe they thought he was an asshole? Maybe the rain and sun gods were busy 98% of the times he summoned them. Whatever it ended up being there was definitely a cool superhero about to be born.

I ransacked my mother’s costume storage and found a staff with deer antlers on the end of it and an amazing coat that was mesh-like and golden with red jewels on it. She also had some wicked tiger print stretchy material that would make killer superhero pants. Then I found a hooded cape, some cool purple/red fur and a leather multi-belt.

Quick Sketch of our woodland hero

I did some quick sketch work and handed it off to my mom. We decided to combine the coat and the hooded cape into one coat-cape. I found some deck boots and with a little spray paint and mom’s fur trimming skills our hero had some nice superhero footwear. Something was still missing though. I talked with Eric and came up with the idea to make a Medallion with a Native American/Superhero symbol on it, like the belt buckle in the sketch I did, but have it on a chain around his neck, and then let the multi-belt just shine in its own glory. We also needed to come up with some gloves. Here is where we get a good taste of superhero recycling. I had a pair of Batman gloves lying around. I cut them off at the wrists and spray painted them gold. They worked perfectly with the rest of the costume. So what to do with the rest of the gloves I had severed? I through them in the box o’ goodies and forgot about them…. until I needed to make some cool gloves on the spot for Manorexic. But more on that when we get to him.

So Nimrod’s costume was done and packed for the roadtrip. By the time we drove to Austin Louis and Nancy Rankin, amazing hairstylist/yin to Louis’ yang, had lined up the pimpest of locations for us. We had the horse and wilderness, a cool little cafe called Snackbar, a salon where he would be getting his hair dresser certification (superheroes gotta pay the bills yo), a bar and the coolest bachelor pad I’ve seen outside of invading Mr. Roper’s dreams…. you know, the landlord from Three’s Company.

Mike Fenner had the pimp crib. The big rooster pic, that’s his work. The giant eggs on the table, his. Also, when I was talking to Louis about locations that would be cool to find I said, “Do you know any place that has wall to wall carpeting? That was a big fad in the 60s and 70s.” To which Louis replied, “No, I don’t know any places like that…. I do have a friend who has a fur room.”

…. a FUR room???….

Again, it was Fenner’s place. He had made this amazing room that was covered in this crazy gun-metal silver fake fur, wall to wall, ceiling to floor. Sold!

The only hitch we had with any of the locations was one of those many hitches we had during this book making adventure where we ended up getting a better location that played into the story better than originally imagined. We waited outside our original bar location for an hour or so with all of our extras we had for that day. The bar was closed and whoever the contact was had an all nighter and wasn’t answering his phone. We ate lunch, waited, left messages, then Louis told us he was going to find us a new location. 15 minutes later Louis returned to say he’d found a new location that was a mile away and they were totally cool with us shooting there. Pete’s Eastside Bar. They got worked into the storyline too, just because the location was such a great looking place that screamed story.

Updating his Facebook status.
Nimrod was with Jojo at Poquito Ranch, Austin, TX

And the shot of Louis with his horse/best friend was a celebrity cameo of sorts. The horse, Jojo, was in the remake of Conan that came out last year. I say “of sorts” because nobody actually saw that movie because it sucked harder than a 20 dollar Thai whore trying to save up for a boob job.

The killer shot, literally, was of Nimrod standing in his “Kill Zone” where deer parts hang from chains and blood drips from tubes and just an odd assortment of creepy yet cool items abound. Nancy and Louis had all the fake blood we could possibly need and then some. We spent a great deal of time setting the shot up, making smoke shoot from the chiminea in the distance, wetting the place down. It’s indeed one of my favorite shots in the book and had Ponce and I not been cast in Pastor Shepherd it most likely would not exist. Nimrod would most likely not exist. It’s pretty cool when you connect the dots that life has laid out for you. Just wish it was as easy to see the dots that are ahead of you as it is to trace the ones that got you where you are.

I’ll let Adam Mock close out with his thoughts on our mighty Nimrod.

“It is a truth universally acknowledged . . .” has got to be one of the most famous openers in fiction. With my wife being a Jane Austen fan, I couldn’t help but pay homage to Ms. Austen’s opening line in Pride and Prejudice. And no, the plural of Draculas is NOT a typo. It’s a funny. Purposely calling vampires “Draculas” is funny every time.
In season 8 episode 5 of Project Runway, a designer named Casanova had one of the best meltdown moments I’ve seen in a while. After getting fed up with the judges feedback on his designs he says, “I’m making clothes for old ladies, sluts, and flamenco dancers . . . And I’m getting fat!” I had to put this in the book somewhere and Nimrod was just the place.
“The horse is his friend, it would be an insult to ride him.” is verbatim from an email Scott sent to me.  Scott had written a rough paragraph of ideas that I used to flesh out the final pages of Nimrod, but the one that stood out was that simple line. It was stated so matter of factly that it had to be in the book. I believe anyone who reads it is instantly transported to that last photo, sitting across from Nimrod at that table as he speaks those sage words, and we are powerless to disagree.
– Adam Mock
 NEXT UP: Chain-Male modeled by Josh “the Ponceman” Perry