I Lost My Damn Notebook

photo by eric curtis http://www.ericcurtisphoto.com/

Ponce here…

Me Bro And Dana Had Dinner at Pete’s. it’s a really cool place. They have a good Bar and it’s a good place to eat. When we finished dinner we went back to our loft. I just realized I forgot my Notebook and i was a dumbass. I forgot it and i know it was a mistake. Everybody makes mistakes sometimes. I will try and remember next time don’t leave thing’s behind like the ones you love the most like Cell Phone’s, Pagers, Laptops, Bags, and especially your Notebook. It’s only important to me but no reason to get mad. I will remember next time don’t leave anything behind it’s not a good thing and I went back to Pete’s today to see if they had it and they didn’t. Somebody must have stile it or thrown it away. Sucks. But next time I will remember it.