If I Could Travel Through Time Like In Back To The Future

Back to the Future Ponceman Style

Back to the Future Ponceman Style


I love Back to the Future. It’s one of my favorite all time movies. I love the time machine. I wish I had one so I could travel through time from my childhood experience.

I would go back to the taxi cab experience with Sydney Ruben Jr and I could stop myself from doing it. My whole family was panicked for me and I was stupid. But I don’t want to talk about it. But I would go back and wake up Sistah and tell her to stop myself from calling the taxi cab. And I would walk up to myself and tell me not to go. I would tell myself that I’m a dumbass and that Sistah will kick my ass if I do it.

Then I would go in the time machine and go back home to Los Angeles when I had my other bad cab experience and tell bro to call me and tell me not to get in the cab. And I would call myself and tell me to stop being a dumbass again and don’t get in the cab.

Then I would go back in the time machine and go back to Lafayette when bro and dad got in a fight and bro got kicked out of the house and I would kick my dad’s ass and tell him to leave my brother alone. I would tell dad that he was an asshole in the past and he is a nice guy now. The greatest guy really ever was. And I love my father so much now and he’s such a great man now. And I would tell him to be the greatest father ever and fix all that stuff.

Then I go back in the time machine again to stop Sistah from dating her ex boyfriend cause he was a dick. And I would kick his ass.

And then I would go back in time when I was born and the doctor told my my mom to put me in an institution because I had Down Syndrome and he told my mom that I would never be good for nothing and always be stupid. And I would kick his ass for saying that shit to my mom and tell mom that she was being screwed over and lied to by the doctor and tell her I was gonna grow up to be great and I love my mama.

Then I would go back in time to when Quernzy’s stepfather got run over by someone and I would save his life.

I would go back in time and sign a contract for the internet series we did on that guy’s channel so we don’t get screwed over because that guy was a liar. And I would tell myself that I got screwed over by that guy and to not trust him and make him sign a contract.

I really wish I had that time machine. But I don’t have it so maybe I’ll build one. And then I would do all that stuff.


The Perry Brothers Mingle Mob

The Perry Brothers Mingle Mob

Stupidface 3 Kicks Off Tonight!

Stupidface on Fuel TVFor those who don’t know, I… SAP… write, produce, and direct comedy segments for Stupidface, an hilarious sketch show on Fuel TV.  That’s right.  If you don’t have Fuel TV, get it, or find someone who has it and invade their Television space to get your Perry Brothers fix.

Tonight, 10PM Cali-time, tune in and see Ponce and the rest of our P-boy Posse.  Bobbi’s Bedroom stars Quernzy.  Her guests are Professor Evergreen (Cosmo) and Mr. Poncington (guess who) and they discuss the joys of Literature.  Bobbi shares a peom of her own and Mr. Poncington completely embraces the idea of hot tubbing.

There’s also an MC Outdoors/DJ Ponce commercial for Flippidy Flop… the personality swap in a drink.

We love doing this show.  It’s one of Ponce’s favorites because he gets to do so many different characters so please check it out.  And if you don’t have Fuel TV you can get the episodes at the itunes store.  Just click these links for SEASON 1 and SEASON 2

New episodes of Stupidface air every Thursday at 10PM Cali-time with repeats Fri and Sat nights… check your local listings for times.

If you’ve seen the show, please leave us a comment and tell us what you think.