Vegas, Baby!

SAP here…

Me and the mighty Ponceman hit Vegas with the folks for their 39th anniversary. Stah and Bro-in-law are here too. Unfortunately, I have been out of commision, sick, at the hotel since we got here. I am hoping today will be the turning point.

ON SNOT: Honestly, how does the human head hold so much snot? It’s dumbfounding. Does the nasal passage ever screw up and direct grey matter or actual brain bits out the nose? Where does it all come from?

ON COLD MEDICINE: So, why do the cold medicines that seem to actually do something to help the cold symptoms also make you fell like a drunken Alzheimers patient. I feel wasted, dizzy, disoriented… all the possible side effects of taking the cold medicine, I got ’em. When will the Star Trek age finally hit with the gun-hypo to the neck that makes you say, “Thanks, Doc McCoy… I feel great!” And then I get the salt sucked out of my body by the last creature of its kind that looks like a chick I wanna bone.

ON VEGAS: Consumerism kills me. Maybe that’s the root of my sickness.  Maybe my mind has made my body sick to avoid watching all the things that will make me sick to my stomach. My folks love playing the slots. I don’t get it, just makes me sad. Maybe I need uppers.

So, with only two days left, I am hoping to break from this hotel room and join the family for some of the fun stuff that doesn’t make me sick. I did go to dinner with them yesterday and it was nice, except for feeling like a giant snot filled turd.

What is Ponce looking at?

What is Ponce looking at?

Snapped this photo of Ponce at dinner. Can you guess what made him smile like this? Only two things can make him grin this way; food or girls. It was a girl. Some chick in a tropical bikini was coming around tables selling necklaces for charity. that lovely necklace Ponce is donning cost a mere 20 bucks. She also gave him a big kiss on the cheek (probably a boner too) and as she walked to the next table, mere seconds after I snapped this shot, Ponce looked at her amazing rump and upper deck areas and simply said, “DAAAAAAAAMN!

Now I’m off to a late breakfast with the family. Eating the good stuff to make me fit, crossing fingers the main bulk of the yuck is behind me and longing to veg out by the pool.


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