Ponceman On VH1 Y’all!

Free Radio on VH1
Lance and Ponce

Ponce here…

Just did a guest star role on Free Radio. It’s a hilarious show on VH1 and it stars with Lance Krall and he is really funny. I play the new intern at the station and it’s gonna rock ass. The episode is called “Barry” and that is my character I play. If you want to laugh your ass off go to youtube and search for Lance Krall. He has lots of stuff from his other TV shows on there like funny prank calls and sketch comedy stuff that I almost shit myself it was so funny. I don’t know when it’s gonna air yet but check back here and I will put it up when I know. Here’s a pic of me on the monitor. I get to talk about boobies too and I love it.

Ponce on Monitor

Ponce on Monitor

Rock on