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SAP on Free Radio Tonight!

SAP plays a keyboard player with a birth obsession

SAP plays a keyboard player with a birth obsession

UPDATE:If you missed the show you can watch it online RIGHT HERE

Tonight’s the night!  Thursday, May 14th, 2009… SAP guest stars on Free Radio.  Ponce’s Buttons episode was a huge hit, and this one is also quite funny.  The Lord of Comedy, Fred Willard, is also on this episode.  Check your local listings.

And Buttons returns next week in the Free Radio season finale.

Give us the feedback… like the show?  Dig our Perry Bro acting chops?  Spew it at us in the comments.

A Rare and Welcomed Surprise – Free Radio

Just watched the latest episode of Free Radio on VH1.  The show is so out of place on this network… mainly because it’s a great show.  Sadly, VH1’s programming has moved to Turd City and is littering all over its own streets with an endless amount of Same Shit-Different (and not in a clever way) Title “reality” shows that make me taste my own vomit every time I get a glimpse of them.  Try watching more than 3 minutes of any of the “_____ of Love” shows and you’ll see/taste what I mean.

Yes, Ponce and I both guest star on Free Radio this season.  Yes, that is a good reason for us to tout the show as being awesome.  The honest reality is, this here entertainment world we have decided to become active members of is full of terrible shows and even more terrible people who make them.

I’ve been in some really shitty movies and TV shows.  Free Radio is so far removed from the shitty it makes me smile when I think about it.

Every cast member on the show is talented in the uber column, and everyone who makes the show happen behind the scenes makes being on set such a pleasure that when your scenes are done you still want to hang out for the rest of the shoot.  Most of the time I am ready to bolt when I’m wrapped, but this little show is an exception that I am happy to succumb to… if all TV shows were like this the quality of what’s on TV would be so high you could actually get smarter watching it.

So call it blowing sunshine up Free Radio’s ass, brown-nosing the Exec(s) at VH1 who gave the show a go for season 2, or just plain spewing happy to find a show on TV that doesn’t suck goo.  Bottom line is, the show is funny, smart, and the people who make it are truly wonderful.  The fact that they rewrote an entire episode especially catered to the mighty Ponceman screams volumes.

Sad truth, most networks are scared to cast Ponce in anything.  Oh they would be fine if he guest starred as the magical retard who spews childlike wisdom and nobody ever says anything mean to him and if they do they get their comeuppance.  We are angling to take the PC/terrified to lose their sponsors attitude the networks have developed over the years and burn the living shit out of it.  If more shows like Free Radio hit the airwaves that task will get easier.

Now children, pray with me for Free Radio season 3…



Changing It Up – Your feedback Requested

SAP here…

So, Sundance was great fun and a wonderful experience, especially for Ponce. Not only did he get to meet some actors and celebrities, he got recognized A LOT, and not just for Retarded Policeman. A favorite moment was when he was recognized by Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds) for Wunderkammer. He stopped Ponce to tell him how great his performance was and how much he loved the film. It made Ponce’s day and also ignited a fuse… the fuse of blowing up 2009 all over this muthafoko!

We’ve gone through the ol’ youtube channel and cleaned it out. If you can’t find videos of ours you really like, fret not, we shall have a private page for the real fans, the you fans, that come here for more of us.  It won’t be up for a bit, but we will have a nice little members only area… a FREE members only area.

Also, we would love to hear from YOU more. Please comment here for now and tell us if there are any videos you miss, things you’d like to see, ideas for a members only site and anything else that’s hemming and hawing around in your craw.

Ponce here…

Gonna shoot more days on the VH1 show with Lance Krall. Maybe make a little mini-movie out of it on youtube or maybe private. Hope you guys like our stuff and hopefully we will get our own show going soon.  And please leave us some feedback.

Rock On – Ponce

Ponceman On VH1 Y’all!

Free Radio on VH1
Lance and Ponce

Ponce here…

Just did a guest star role on Free Radio. It’s a hilarious show on VH1 and it stars with Lance Krall and he is really funny. I play the new intern at the station and it’s gonna rock ass. The episode is called “Barry” and that is my character I play. If you want to laugh your ass off go to youtube and search for Lance Krall. He has lots of stuff from his other TV shows on there like funny prank calls and sketch comedy stuff that I almost shit myself it was so funny. I don’t know when it’s gonna air yet but check back here and I will put it up when I know. Here’s a pic of me on the monitor. I get to talk about boobies too and I love it.

Ponce on Monitor

Ponce on Monitor

Rock on