A Brief History of the Bros Perry

SAP here…

So, how did we get here?  How did two brothers form Lafayette, Louisiana land end up in the topsy turvy world of filmed entertainment?  Well, I figure the time is right to give you, the faithful Perry-fan, a quick lil’ sum up of The Perry Brother’s Quest to Take Over Hollywood.

I moved to Los Angeles back in March, 1999 after a 5 year stint in Austin, TX as the lead singer in a band called BISCUIT.

Fed up with the ever souring mess known as the music business, I headed to Los Angeles… to get fed up with the ever souring mess known as the movie business.  I did extra work as soon as I arrived, and landed tiny little roles in some pretty crappy films.  I quickly got sick of giving my heart and soul to performances in films that I knew were going to turn out terrible, so I decided to make my own flick.

The only good thing about acting in shitty movies was I got to meet some pretty cool people in the process, like the always amazing, slender body bender, man of flexi-steel… Doug Jones.  We met on the cinematic tud that is The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Doug costars in the first film I wrote and directed… Side Effects. I also cast my father and my little bro, Josh the Ponceman Perry, as extras.  Josh was in heaven.

I did more short films and was invited to compete in the Chrysler Million Dollar Film Festival, sponsored by Chrysler and Universal Pictures.  I got into the Top Ten with my film 008. In late 2003 I entered the Los Angeles 24 Hour Film Competition and made Perfect Couple, which won Best Actress, Best Director, and Best Picture… the competition judges were Michael Chapman, Chris Sarandon, & Joanna Gleason.

In 2005, I made a very funny documentary called The Outdoorsmen: Blood, Sweat, & Beers.  We premiered at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival and sold the flick to Spike TV… they cut it from 90 minutes to 60 so they could fit it into a 90 minute movie slot… CABLE TV SUCKS THE NASTY!  Finally, IFC got a hold of the film and it got a month’s worth of TLC, full and uncut, in March of 2008.

During this time, the Ponceman was getting very antsy about visiting his big bro.  He took his first ADULT-SIZED trip out to California to stay with me for 3 months in March of 2006.  It was awesome.  He was dying to get his acting on, so I shot a few things with him. He was a natural.  The camera loves him.  He is what I call magic on film.  The first short we did was The Trouble With Syndromes, followed by Bro-Back Mountain, and the action flick Flea of Fury! Since he got the bug it has never gone away. But alas, he had to return home to Louisiana.

In early 2007 I was at rock bottom.  I couldn’t find work, couldn’t get a break.  Ponce was scheduled to come out for another visit.  I didn’t think I would be able to do it… money was tight as hell and we Perry’s ain’t rich.  A week before I was going to tell Ponce and family that I wasn’t going to be able to take him for his big visit I pitched a TV show segment to some very cool producers.  The show was called HEY BRO and it starred me and Ponce.  They loved it and bit.  SOLD!  It would be on cable, I’M NOT SAYING WHICH NETWORK, and it would be the big break I’d been working towards for so long.  Ponce and the Perry clan were thrilled.  I wrote the segments, Ponce moved in with me, and we shot the first 4 episodes along with another 7 episodes of a segment I wrote, also starring myself and Ponce, called Eye On Art.

I can comfortably say, Hey Bro it is the funniest thing we have ever done.  The catch?  The network passed.  Why?  They were scared of getting negative feedback because the show starred a Down Syndrome actor.  Even though he was the star of the show and he always came out on top, they wouldn’t take the chance with their advertisers.  Welcome to the sick-man that is Television Programming.

We moved on.  And we moved fast.  I ended up writing and Directing MC OUTDOORZ for FuelTV and cast Ponce as his faithful and hilarious sidekick DJ Ponce. After that, things moved quickly.

I met Greg Benson, a fellow filmmaker, and his wife Kim was inspired by Ponce’s magic on film quality and suggested we do a show called Retarded Policeman.  After we figured out what the show would be, we started shooting episodes.  It’s all been building since then.

In fall of 2008, Ponce landed a supporting role in the film American Cowslip which is packed tot he gills with great actors… they’re BIGTIME, as Ponce says… and we are determined to make the Powes that Be (idiots) who are scared of making TV shows and Movies starring an actor with Down Syndrome wake the fuck up and give us a show already.  We are working on a TV Pilot and trying to get a couple of feature films off the ground.  Cross fingers, we shall succeed.

As we continue to pummel the entertainment world with our filmed funnies, a lot of which are NOT politically correct, we have to fight nonstop against the fears and ignorance of others.  Shall we say, the retarded ones… we’re not worried.  Until then, we will keep on doing what we do.




Love Us Some Dougie Jones

What more can we say… Dougie is the best.  Get some Doug Jones fix here.
PHOTOS courtesy our super-duper-sexy-fun-lovin’ publicist John “Mr. Magic” Zander.

SAP, Ponce, & Dougie

SAP, Ponce, & Dougie

SAP, Ponce, John Zander (super publicist), & Dougie

SAP, Ponce, John Zander (super publicist), & Dougie

Causes: GA1 Bailey Baio Angel Foundation

UPDATE FROM PONCE: I met Scott Baio.  Super nice guy.  And Jared Kusnitz too.  I hope everyone learns more about GA1 because of Scott and his wife helping everybody know about it.

Jared, Ponce, & Scott

Jared, Ponce, & Scott

It seems like there is no end to diseases, defects, and ailments in general in this world o’ ours.  We are heading over to this fundraiser for GA1 tomorrow.

For info on what the heck GA1 is and why there’s a fundraiser for it, click the link: ::: Bailey Baio Angel Foundation :::.

Rock on from SAP & Ponce

Help Rain get “TAKEN” to Australia

So, if you want the lowdown on Rain and the People to People program…

We thought we’d be extra fun with the fundraising aspect of this whole thing so we made these videos.  Enjoy!  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE DONATE PAGE



We decided to send some thank you gifts to people who donate.

$25 DONATION – 1 Autographed Perry Brothers Photo


$50 DONATION – 1 Autographed Ponceman Photo
AND 1 Autographed Perry Brothers Photo
Ponceman Bye

$100 OR MORE – 2 Ponceman Refrigerator Magnets,
1 Autographed Ponceman Photo, 1 Autographed Perry Brothers Photo

Ponceman Head

Ponceman Head

Ponceman Turkey Leg

Ponceman Turkey Leg


COACH CRUSHER – A Family Flick

Ponceman demands respect from the Maggots

Ponceman demands respect from the Maggots


I just wanna say this is our new video and I play a bastard coach and I love it.  I got to kick my brother’s ass a lot in it too and I love that.  Also got acting with Rain and I love her and I love making videos with her ’cause she rocks ass.  So enjoy it and take it away bro…


Our new video is up and Ponce once again gets to unleash his inner asshole. He is COACH CRUSHER… and he hates idiots.


Basically, we went to Sunnyvale to visit Rain… my daughter, Ponce’s niece… and she always loves shooting videos with us.  So, we got her to round up a couple of her bestest friends, Megan and Andrew, and trekked down to the local park to create some video magic. We had a camera, a tripod with a boom mic attached to it, and the five people you see in the video.  If I had my druthers I would always have a camera operator and a sound mixer on every shoot, but when you have little, or in this case, no budget, you make it work.

Ponceman and Rain face-off

Ponceman and Rain face-off


This is the kind of stuff we like to do on YouTube.  Go out with a group of friends, come up with an idea, and shoot it.  We did one or two takes tops, just let everybody have fun, and then cut it together.  Ponce will almost always choose being the dick in the group, and when you add the bonus of him getting to beat the crap out of me… he’s in heaven.


Rain has become quite good at editing.  This is not just a dad thinking his daughter can do no wrong.  Trust me, if she sucked I would let her know in the nicest way possible and encourage her to focus her brain powers in another direction.  But she has taken to editing like a crackhead takes to felatiating dirty strangers for spare change.  She’s so good, I think I’ll actually be able to hire her soon.  That would rock much ass.  If you’d like to see a sample of her skillz check out this video she did a few days after I gave her Final Cut (editing program) and showed her a few tricks of the trade: RAIN’S VIDEO ON GAY RIGHTS IN JAMAICA

And with that we bid you a fond farewell, and wish you the best of enjoyments as you vidi…


SAP on Free Radio Tonight!

SAP plays a keyboard player with a birth obsession

SAP plays a keyboard player with a birth obsession

UPDATE:If you missed the show you can watch it online RIGHT HERE

Tonight’s the night!  Thursday, May 14th, 2009… SAP guest stars on Free Radio.  Ponce’s Buttons episode was a huge hit, and this one is also quite funny.  The Lord of Comedy, Fred Willard, is also on this episode.  Check your local listings.

And Buttons returns next week in the Free Radio season finale.

Give us the feedback… like the show?  Dig our Perry Bro acting chops?  Spew it at us in the comments.